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Yesterday is history, Today is a gift, Tomorrow is mystery


Are you a massive fan of Armin Van Buuren?

Did you go to see him this year at Tomorrowland?

Armin Van Buuren is by far one of the most respected and famous DJs in the world and sells out events and gigs all around the world. If you haven't seen him live you're missing out on one of the best EDM shows on the planet.

Throughout this year Armin will be playing all over the world in venues near you. You can find a list of all his performance venues & dates below, don't miss out!


Tomorrowland 2014 is now officially over and we can't wait until the official after movie becomes available to see how the long awaited 10th anniversary of the best party in the world was.
Two weekends of madness at their very best and I'm sure it will be remembered and spoke about until the next one in 2015

The Tomorrowland 2014 official after movie will be available to view from the official Tomorrowland Youtube channel very soon and fingers crossed we get to be part of it.
Until then, you can watch the after movie above which features some of the best bits from past and present Tomorrowland festivals.


Tomorrowland 2014 is now over but you can relive Hardwell's amazing set at Tomorrowland this year right here. With the announcement of a brand new Tomorrowland in Brazil next year we'll now have the chance to experience the madness three times a year.

Tickets can be found here for Tomorrowland, TomorrowWorld and Tomorrowland Brazil.


Relive some of the moments of Tomorrowland's 10th anniversary with Yves V live playing some of the most memorable songs of the year.

Tomorrowland is definitely the best festival in the world and tickets are always hard to get hold of as they are normally sold out within the first few minutes of going on sale. Will you be trying for tickets to Tomorrowland Brazil, TomorrowWorld or Tomorrowland 2015?

Leave a comment below and tell us what you love most about Tomorrowland.


Last weekend seen the most incredible display of DJ talent the world has ever seen. Tomorrowland's 10th anniversary is sadly over now but over 360,000 amazing and lucky fans (including myself) joined in on the biggest and wildest party imaginable. I cannot wait to see what's in store for Tomorrowland Brasil & TomorrowWorld which is soon to follow.

Alesso played a lot of new music this year during his set at this incredible festival, watch his interview in the video above and tell us about your experience at Tomorrowland this year in the comments below.

Yesterday may be history but it won't be forgotten soon, today is certainly a gift and Tomorrow brings us one more day closer to the next Tomorrowland adventure.


Recently announced by David Guetta during his set at Tomorrowland 2014 will be the launch of a completely new Tomorrowland being held in Brazil next year in May.

Here we'll give you the reasons why this might in fact become the most popular of the three festivals Tomorrowland, TomorrowWorld, and Tomorrowland Brazil.

  • Brazilian Women
    One of the great things about Brazil and especially Sao Paolo is the amount of beautiful latina women that live in the area. This is fantastic news for any men attending the festival as you'll be aware around half of the tickets are awarded to the home population wherever the festival is being held. This means that in Tomorrowland Brazil there will be much more Brazilian women there than Tomorrowland & TomorrowWorld combined! Bonus!
  • Brazilian Men
    For all the ladies out there, I'm sure you'll find the Brazilian men just as appealing as the men find the Brazilian women. I mean come on, the Belgians are hardly known for their good looks are they?
  • Discounted tickets for Brazilian students
    If you're a student and live in Brazil, you'll be eligible for a student discount on your tickets to Tomorrowland Brazil. If you're friends with any Brazilian students you could take advantage of this and get them to purchase your tickets for you!
  • Weather
    Another perk of having the festival in Brazil is that the weather is almost guaranteed to be good. Although Tomorrowland has seen some good weather the past couple of years, but who remembers last year's torrential rain during Armin Van Buuren's set?
  • Tickets
    There's even more chance to grab yourself a ticket to Tomorrowland Brazil. If you pre-registered you get the chance to buy your tickets 2 hours before the world wide launch. But I'm sure, just like every other Tomorrowland, tickets will likely be extremely hard to get and will leave many people disappointed again. If you do miss out on tickets and they all sell out, make sure you get to Viagogo quickly to get yourself a ticket to the festival. You can even sign up for ticket alerts here to make sure you definitely are first in line to get a ticket.

Be the first to sign up for Tomorrowland Ticket Alerts Here


Depending on how you travel to Tomorrowland this year will ultimately impact what you can bring with you to the festival. Whatever you decide to bring there are some things that you definitely need to make your stay a little more comfortable. You should however, only bring what you need so leave all the non essentials back at home, remember it's a festival and you're not packing to move home.

The best advice I can give to you no matter what you're bringing is to plan ahead carefully. Anticipate problems you might face when carrying certain items and the more you can wheel to where you're going the better.

1. Festival Ticket & ID

This may sound obvious but you don't want to get on the plane, train or ferry without your festival ticket. No matter how good you think your powers of persuasion are, you won't get access to Tomorrowland if you turn up without it! Still time to get a ticket here

2. Tent

Another must have if you're camping is a tent. You can find relatively cheap tents anywhere these days and it doesn't need to be massive but you'll need one in order to keep your stuff clean & dry and also to sleep in.
Here's some options if you haven't got yourself one yet.
Gelert Rocky 4 Man Tent £54.90
High Peak Minipack 2 Man Tent £24.74
North Gear Camping Mars Waterproof 4 Man Dome Tent Red £39.99

3. Torch

At night in the campsite there is very little lighting and depending on where your tent is there might not be any at all so a torch is a handy thing to have so you can see where you're going. Make it a head torch so you've got your hands free too!

4. Bin bags

You're going to have the most amazing time at Tomorrowland but I doubt the clean up squad when the festival is finished will. Every couple of hours a trailer drives around the campsite collecting rubbish so put yours in a bin and do your bit to keep the campsite clean.

5. Towel

At some point you'll have to take a shower during your 3/4 day stay in the campsite so don't forget to bring a towel with you. You should also take some other essentials like shower gel, toothbrush, toothpaste with you as well.

6. Water bottle

No doubt you'll be drinking a lot of alcohol while you're at Tomorrowland so you'll need to rehydrate yourself with plenty of water which will be availble 24/7 at one of the many refreshment points within the campsite.

7. Suncream

Last year the temperature reached over 27 degrees celsius and there were many burnt faces kicking around the festival. Don't let sunburn ruin your experience and stop you dancing, take suncream!

8. Small radio or stereo

Although not needed for the main festival, it's a great idea to bring a stereo with you for the campsite. You can tune into the Tomorrowland radio station or play your own tunes before each day kicks off and when you go back to your tent when it finishes. You'll also need to remember spare batteries too. Here's 3 ideal stereos to keep at your tent - 1 2 3

9. Contraceptives

Ladies & gentlemen please bring contraceptives with you. After a few drinks you might find someone to share your tent with at the end of the night but you don't know who's been sharing with them before. Take condoms or other contraceptives with you just incase, you want to take home good memories of Tomorrowland, not nasty infections!

10. Your best mood

This is of course the most important of all. To get the most out of the Tomorrowland's 10th anniversary you need to be in your best mood at all times (trust me, this won't be too difficult). Go with the flow and don't moan about having to walk to the main stage, don't moan about not getting enough sleep, don't moan about smelling bad... Who cares! You're there to have the best time of your life and no doubt will.

So that's the 10 things you must bring with you to Tomorrowland... Of course there's more than this such as things like money, alcohol, food etc. Leave your suggestions in the comments below and we can't wait to see you there in only 8 days time!!

Yesterday is history, today is a gift, tomorrow is mystery :D