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Yesterday is history, Today is a gift, Tomorrow is mystery


It's no surprise that once again that Tomorrowland 2015 tickets have completely sold out, again. Within minutes of going on sale only a small percentage of people were lucky enough to get a ticket to possibly the best dance music festival in the world.

Tomorrowland quite rightly recommend you only purchase tickets direct from their website to ensure you receive a genuine Tomorrowland ticket for 2015's festival and do not buy tickets from unknown sources. However there are still genuine tickets being sold online where you can safely buy yourself a ticket to this year's event.

We would never promote any website that we had any doubt you'll receive a genuine ticket to Tomorrowland and that never had proper safeguards in place to ensure this is guaranteed. We've helped countless people get their hands on tickets to the event from all over the world by using our favourite ticket retailer.

By following the "buy tickets" image you'll be taken to their site where you can see the full range of tickets still available and safely purchase your tickets online. You're guaranteed entry to the Tomorrowland 2015 festival or you receive a complete refund of your ticket by buying through this site. You can also choose your desired ticket below:

We hope you enjoy this year's festival, once again it is going to be the best event of the summer. Leave your comments below if you're going this year or if you've been before and let us know your experiences of the Tomorrowland festival.


Are you a massive fan of Armin Van Buuren?

Did you go to see him this year at Tomorrowland?

Armin Van Buuren is by far one of the most respected and famous DJs in the world and sells out events and gigs all around the world. If you haven't seen him live you're missing out on one of the best EDM shows on the planet.

Throughout this year Armin will be playing all over the world in venues near you. You can find a list of all his performance venues & dates below, don't miss out!


Tomorrowland 2014 is now officially over and we can't wait until the official after movie becomes available to see how the long awaited 10th anniversary of the best party in the world was.
Two weekends of madness at their very best and I'm sure it will be remembered and spoke about until the next one in 2015

The Tomorrowland 2014 official after movie will be available to view from the official Tomorrowland Youtube channel very soon and fingers crossed we get to be part of it.
Until then, you can watch the after movie above which features some of the best bits from past and present Tomorrowland festivals.


Tomorrowland 2014 is now over but you can relive Hardwell's amazing set at Tomorrowland this year right here. With the announcement of a brand new Tomorrowland in Brazil next year we'll now have the chance to experience the madness three times a year.

Tickets can be found here for Tomorrowland, TomorrowWorld and Tomorrowland Brazil.


Relive some of the moments of Tomorrowland's 10th anniversary with Yves V live playing some of the most memorable songs of the year.

Tomorrowland is definitely the best festival in the world and tickets are always hard to get hold of as they are normally sold out within the first few minutes of going on sale. Will you be trying for tickets to Tomorrowland Brazil, TomorrowWorld or Tomorrowland 2015?

Leave a comment below and tell us what you love most about Tomorrowland.


Last weekend seen the most incredible display of DJ talent the world has ever seen. Tomorrowland's 10th anniversary is sadly over now but over 360,000 amazing and lucky fans (including myself) joined in on the biggest and wildest party imaginable. I cannot wait to see what's in store for Tomorrowland Brasil & TomorrowWorld which is soon to follow.

Alesso played a lot of new music this year during his set at this incredible festival, watch his interview in the video above and tell us about your experience at Tomorrowland this year in the comments below.

Yesterday may be history but it won't be forgotten soon, today is certainly a gift and Tomorrow brings us one more day closer to the next Tomorrowland adventure.